Breakfast Club Subscription

Welcome to the Breakfast Club!

Subscriptions have arrived

Want to have great, healthy, nutritious Breakfast on repeat? Then join our Breakfast Club!
Subscribe to our Breakfast Bowls and you will be part of our Breakfast Club. You can design your own subscription bundle by choosing 3 or 6 of our 500g Breakfast Bowls and you will receive the products as often as you choose - whether that's every 2, 4, 8 or 12 weeks -  stress free and on time.


Why is joining our Breakfast Club so great?
- Avoid forgetting to reorder
- We will deliver as often as you require
- No commitment - skip, cancel or amend your order at any time, great for if you go on holiday
- Reminder a few days before you receive each order
-  Exclusive early access to news and product launches 
- Save up to 12% by subscribing
- But most importantly, a ready supply of great, healthy and nutritious breakfast for you to enjoy! 


What can I subscribe to?
Our best value subscription is to a bundle of 3 x 500g or 6 x 500g Breakfast Bowls. However, if our bundle of 3 or 6 is not for you, you can also get all our Breakfast Bowls in single or multiples in the shop and you can buy as a one off or subscribe and save here too SHOP
How long will the bundle last?
3 x 500g pouches provides 27 servings, perfect for 1 or 2 for a month. 
6 x 500g pouches provides 54 servings, perfect for a couple or family. 
*Note: Our Breakfast Bowls have a Best Before End of 2 to 3 months as we use fresh ground linseed, please consider this when ordering a bundle fo 6. 
What products can I choose from?
You can choose from any of our flavours, in whichever combination you like.
500g The Nutty Seedy Goji One Gluten free oats hand blended with chia seeds and linseed blended with almonds, seeds, goji berries and maca powder. 
500g The Date + Walnut One - Gluten free oats hand blended with chia seeds, linseed, almonds, walnuts and sweet dates
500g The Power Protein One -Gluten free oats with ground linseed, goji berries, pea protein, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, shelled hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp protein powder.
500g The Original One - Gluten free oats with chia seeds, linseed, hemp seeds, pumpkin & sunflower seeds and a dose of maca powder


Subscribe and save up 10% on a bundle of 3 and 12% on a bundle of 6.