Our Founder

 Our Founder Ginny grew up on her family farm and has a passion for clean, natural, fulfilling eating that fuels your day. The way nature intended.


Ginny is now on a mission to make eating a healthy, fulfilling breakfast easy for everyone. We are on a mission to produce Breakfast with Purpose!

Ginny. - Founder Ginger Health Foods


Having eaten these recipes for a number of years Ginny decided its time to share the love! All recipes have been developed in her kitchen, and are produced on the farm in Yorkshire.

Ginny formed Ginger Health Foods with a focus on eating clean and fulfilling food as part of maintaining a balanced and sustainable lifestyle, both physically and mentally, through what we eat and what we do.   

"Our vision is for everyone to live the most wholesome, fulfilling and balanced life they can - starting with great breakfast." 

When creating the products, it was important to Ginny to work with our dietitian, Sarah Elder Bsc Msc, to make sure the products we make have the best nutritional profile they can to fuel our day.

All our ingredients are sourced sustainably from UK farmers where we can and, for those incredible ingredients not grown in the UK, these are sourced to the highest standards from sustainable, handpicked partners.

One of our values is that we are mindful - of ourselves, each other and the environment. Currently all our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable and we use recycled materials where we can. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve and looking for better solutions towards our sustainability. 


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Ginger Health Foods Breakfast Bowls