We are releasing a LIMITED EDITION Summer Breakfast Bowl but we want YOU to help us choose that flavour!

We have narrowed it down to 2 flavours, but we are putting it to our Breakfast Clubbers to taste them and choose their favourite one.

*Clue - they're total summer vibes and a bit fruity and we think you'll love them ;)

It's easy to be involved:
1) Place an order between Friday 11th and Sunday 20th June - a tasting pack will be included.
2) Email hello@gingerhealthfoods.com or drop us a message on Instagram and ask to be involved. 

How will it work?

Taking part is easy. Once you have placed your order or emailed us:

  • We'll send the samples to you - there's 2 flavours to try. 
  • .Prepare them as you normally would e.g. overnight oats, with yoghurt etc
  • Taste them making a note of taste, appearance and which is your favourite
  • Answer a short 5 minute online survey

If you would like to take part place an order before the 20th June or email us, the tasting samples will automatically be included in your orders with full instructions. 

So, why not get involved and switch your usual Breakfast Bowl for a new flavour!


Orders and email requests must be made prior to 20th June 2021

Must be a current or new customer

Must be able to taste and complete the survey by 25th June 2021