When creating our products we knew from the get go we wanted to be as responsible as we could be, which included our packaging. ⁠

Recyclable vs Compostable, Biodegradable vs Plastic Free - it's quite the challenge. ⁠

We knew we didn’t want to just act on trends but actually on what we believed at this moment in time is the best solution for not only our sustainability, but for our customers and for our products. ⁠

♻️ All our packaging is 100% recyclable⁠
♻️ You can also compost our single serve sachets⁠
♻️ Our marketing materials, postage labels and even the tape we seal our boxes with is either made from recycled material and/or is recyclable.⁠

The infrastructure for composting in the UK is without doubt growing, with more people composting at home. However our No1 goal is to be 100% plastic free, and 100% recyclable as we believe this is currently the best solution for our products and customers. ⁠

There isn't a '1 size fits all' when it comes to packaging and sustainability, especially for food, however what we do believe is we ALL have a responsibility. What is special and important to us is continuously looking at ways we can improve further and being first to do so when we can. ⁠

And guaranteed, if and when we feel the time is right, we will continue to evolve our packaging without hesitation. For now, we think it is pretty good 👌👌